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Guide To Taking Kids Fishing In Indiana

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Ideas and locations to take kids fishingin IN.

Kids fishing

Fishing and the great outdoors offers kids an alternative to many influences they encounter in their busy lives today. A single fishing trip could be the turning point in a young life. We encourage you to invest the time in Indiana kids. The rewards are endless and it takes so little effort.

Fishing Boats For Rent In Indiana

Places in Indiana to take kids fishing

Consider these small lakes, ponds, creeks and urban fishing locations as places to take a kid fishing in the Hoosier State.

- Dogwood Lake

- Driftwood River
- Flatrock River

- Elkhart River

Fort Wayne
- Maumee River
- St. Joseph River

- Lake Etta Park
- Lake George
- Jeorse Park
- Whiting Park
- Wolf Lake Park

- Geist Reservoir

La Porte
- Fish Lake

South Bend
- Saint Joseph River
- Potato Creek Park

- Sullivan County Park

Indiana offers many opportunities for kids to fish and experience the thrill of the “tap-tap-tap”. Watch the eyes of a youth light up no matter how big or small their catch may be. You have the opportunity to experience it with them and share their joy.

Top 3 tips for taking kids fishing in IN

1. Make sure that the goal is to have fun. Catching fish is a bonus.

2. Keep it simple. Simple tackle, techniques and locations.

Most Popular Bass Lures
Most Popular Bass Lures

3. Keep the focus on the kids. Be a hero by helping them enjoy the day.

Click here for additional tips to create a successful day of fishing for kids.

Click here for a Indiana Fishing License.

Kids Fishing Video

Kids, fishing and smiles naturally go together. Take a kid fishing and you just might change the course of their life. Then take pictures and send us one of them holding their prized catch. We will happily post it here.

Youngsters with their prized catch

Jon Keesling, 8 years old caught this Bass while actually fishing for Bluegill. He had caught a Bluegill and was pulling it in when this Bass went after the Bluegill. Both fish were on the hook at the same time and then just before he landed them both the Bluegill flipped of the hook.

This fish was caught at Memorial Park lower lake just outside of New Castle, Indiana on June 15th 2007. We were all so excited for this was Jon's first Bass. The Bass was 17" in long.

See additional tips, ideas and instructions for taking kids fishing.


Kids fishing locations and information, by state.

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Help us identify other youth fishing spots in IN.

If you are aware of a great place to take kids fishing in your area, please let us know. We can add it to our list. Every kid that catches a fish will appreciate the fact that you made the effort.