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Fishing At Lake Kampeska In 2024

AKA: Kampeska Reservoir

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By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Fish species to fish for...

Guide to fishing for smallmouth bass, channel catfish, black crappie, white crappie, walleye, white bass and yellow perch at Lake Kampeska in South Dakota.

Lake Kampeska, SD

Vacationers enjoy water skiing, camping, boating and fishing at Lake Kampeska, a 4,800-acre lake in the east-central part of the state, at Watertown. But year, year out it's the fishing that draws the most participants.

The purpose of this page is to deliver an overview of this lake, the fishing options, and area amenities. Our goal is to provide info to first time visitors, as well as beginner and novice anglers. We gathered details from personal experience, numerous trusted websites that each offer select bits of information, and videos of fishing activity on the lake. These websites include the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, marinas at the lake, campgrounds, boat rental agencies and others. By consolidating this information to one page it allows visitors to see the entire picture, all in one place.

Lake Video

Lake Kampeska is a picturesque lake located near Watertown in the northeast section of South Dakota. It is a popular destination for fishing, water sports, and outdoor activities.

One of the main draws of Lake Kampeska is its excellent walleye fishing. Anglers flock to the lake year-round to target these prized fish. During the spring and fall, walleye can be found in shallower waters, while in the summer, they tend to move to deeper areas. The lake's abundant food sources and ideal water conditions make it a prime location for successful walleye fishing.

Another popular species in Lake Kampeska is smallmouth bass. These feisty bass provide a thrilling challenge for anglers, as they are known for their aggressive strikes and strong fights. Spring and early summer are the best times to target smallmouth bass in the shallower areas of the lake.

Yellow perch are also plentiful in Lake Kampeska and are a favorite among anglers, especially during the winter ice fishing season. They can be found in schools near the lake's bottom, and anglers use various jigging techniques to entice them to bite.

For those interested in panfish, Lake Kampeska offers opportunities to catch white crappie, sunfish, and white bass. These species are popular among families and youth anglers and can provide plenty of action and fun for all skill levels.

Anglers looking for a variety of fishing experiences will also find channel catfish in Lake Kampeska. These hard-fighting fish can be caught throughout the lake and offer an exciting challenge for catfish enthusiasts.

There are five boat launch ramps located on all sides of the lake which has over thirteen miles of shoreline. Bank fishing enthusiasts can find plenty of spots around the boat access areas, parks and campgrounds.

Fishing Boats For Rent In South Dakota

Primary fish species residing in Lake Kampeska

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Smallmouth bass Channel catfish Black crappie White Crappie Walleye White Bass Yellow Perch

Lake Kampeska Amenities

Marina: NO
Boat Rental: YES
Boat Launch Ramp: YES
Campgrounds: YES
RV Hookups: YES
Lodging: YES
Convenience Store: YES
Bait & Tackle: YES
Restaurant: YES

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Beyond fishing, Lake Kampeska is a favorite destination for boating and camping. The lake's calm waters and scenic beauty make it an ideal spot for boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Several campgrounds around the lake provide opportunities for camping, picnicking, and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Public Boat Launch Ramps & Landings

Jackson Park Boat Launch Ramp
Located mid lake, east side, off S Lake Drive, this is a two-lane, concrete ramp with a dock and paved parking.

Lynwood State Public Access Boat Launch Ramp
Located in the southwest section of the lake, west side, off Lynwood Drive, this is a one-lane, concrete ramp with a dock and gravel parking.

North Lake Boat Launch Ramp
Located mid lake, on the north side of the lake, off N Lake Drive, this is a two-lane, concrete ramp with a dock and gravel parking.

South Lake Boat Launch Ramp
Located mid lake, on the south side of the lake, off S Lake Drive, this is a two-lane, concrete ramp with a dock and paved parking.

Watertown Veterans Memorial Boat Launch Ramp
Located in the northeast section of the lake, east side, off S Lake Drive, this is a two-lane, concrete ramp with a dock and paved parking.

Click here for a South Dakota Fishing License.

Campgrounds & RV Parks Nearby

Sandy Shore State Recreation Area Campground - 605 882-5200

Memorial Park Camping Area - 605 882-6290

Codington Memorial Park & Campground - 605 882-6290

Sandy Shore State Recreation Area Campground - 605 882-5200

Lake Kampeska SD Map - Fishing & Camping Areas

Contact Information

Lake Kampeska
Sandy Shore State Recreation Area
1148 S Lake Dr
Watertown, SD 57201
605 882-5200


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