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AA-Fishing is an organization dedicated to sharing information about fishing to beginner and novice anglers. To help them improve their fishing skills, and catch more fish. Our core principal is to present the basic information that allows anglers to visit a fishing destination with a reasonable expectation of catching fish. Weekend anglers represent 95% of all anglers, some who have watercraft and some who simply fish from shore. We strive to enhance the knowledge of all these anglers for improved success.

Rick Seaman

Author, and editor of AA-Fishing, has been an avid fisherman since an early age and fished a wide variety of waters over six decades. His favorite species to chase is bass. He has caught well over 30,000 bass, and released all but a few hundred. He fished professional bass tournaments for nearly ten years, and was highly successful - winning or placing high in the standings at events on many fishing circuits. He wrote a book about bass fishing with co-author Dan Westfall called "It's not WHAT you throw, it's WHERE you throw it". He was the first tournament angler to add a graph to the front trolling motor for locating fish while casting, a trend that has become common practice today. He has been a guest speaker on radio, tv and at boat and tackle shows. He has taught an untold number of people how to catch bass. He also enjoy fishing for crappie, catfish and sunfish, especially with his grandkids.

Dan Westfall

Inventor of the Westy Worm and other successful fishing lures, Dan has fished all across the USA and Mexico for nearly seven decades. Dan taught bass fishing schools, was a successful pro bass tournament angler and is admired by all his fishing peers. Dan has been a contributor to many of the pages in this website on the subject of bass fishing - directly and indirectly.

Many other bass anglers have participated in gathering of knowledge about bass fishing and sharing it on these pages.

Contributing Authors

Timothy Kusherets

Author of Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets provided a great deal of the information about salmon and steelhead fishing found in this website.

Ozark Angler

Trout Fishing Outfitter and Guide Service, provided information about trout fishing, used on some of the trout-related pages in this website

Steve Vonbrandt

Owner of The Bass College, writer, speaker and bass fishing officianiado.

Stan Wright

Formerly worked at Hawaii Bass Fishing. Retired professional Photographer who now spends most of my time traveling and fishing.

Rick McFerrin

Now retired, operates Tennessee Bass Guides. He was a full time guide for 12 years focusing on Old Hickory Lake, Tim’s Ford Lake, Normandy Lake and Nickajack Lake.

Doug Harthan

Fly Fish MN! We love chasing all fish, in all waters with a fly rod!. Front 20 Outfitters

This website is a lifelong project as we will never know all there is to know about our finned friends. It is our goal to publish as much as we can and share with those who love to fish. Please join us by contributing articles, photos or how-to tips.


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