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Jig Skipping on Steroids
By Josh Dorr
Years ago when I was first learning the ropes of tournament fishing, I fished as a co-angler and drew a gentleman that spent the day skipping docks...

Clear Water, High Pressure Lakes, Jigs = Big Bass!
By Josh Dorr
...In spite of all the true rumors about so many local tournaments being won on a jig, you still see many anglers coming in shaking their heads wondering why they only caught...

Big Spotted Bass On Swimbaits
By Dale Meddock
Not every state has Spotted Bass, but for those that do. Here is real tip to help you find and catch some of these most aggressive feeders...


Ice Fishing Basics
By Steve Holt
...While angling on the ice you want to utilize baits and fishing hooks which are smaller sized. The live bait can include minnows or worms or larvae...