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Best Places To Fish in Wisconsin

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By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Wisconsin is a haven for anglers, offering numerous exceptional fishing destinations throughout the state. From its pristine lakes to winding rivers, Wisconsin provides ample opportunities to catch a variety of popular fish species. The purpose of this page is to share information about the best fishing lakes in the state, listed by species.

One of the most popular fish species pursued by anglers in Wisconsin is the muskellunge, or muskie. Muskie fishing is a thrilling pursuit for many anglers. Wisconsin's renowned muskie waters include Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, and the Chippewa Flowage. The best time to target muskie in Wisconsin is during the late spring, summer, and early fall months when these fierce predators are actively feeding.

Another prized species in Wisconsin is the smallmouth bass. Wisconsin is famous for its exceptional smallmouth bass fisheries, with destinations like the Menominee River, the Mississippi River, and the Door County peninsula being popular among anglers. Smallmouth bass fishing is particularly rewarding in the warmer months from late spring to early fall when these feisty fish are most active.

When it comes to trout fishing, Wisconsin boasts outstanding opportunities for both brown trout and rainbow trout. The Driftless Area, located in the southwestern part of the state, is renowned for its pristine spring creeks and offers excellent trout fishing experiences. The best time to target trout in Wisconsin is during the cooler months of spring and fall, when water temperatures are more favorable for these cold-water species.

Wisconsin is also known for its fantastic walleye fishing. Lakes such as Lake Winnebago, Green Bay, and the Wisconsin River are popular walleye destinations. Anglers can target walleye year-round, but the best seasons typically occur during the spring and fall, when walleye are actively feeding and more easily accessible.

In addition to these popular species, Wisconsin offers abundant fishing opportunities for northern pike, largemouth bass, panfish (such as bluegill and crappie), and various species of trout in its many lakes, rivers, and streams.

It's worth noting that fishing seasons and regulations vary depending on the specific water body and species being targeted. Anglers should familiarize themselves with Wisconsin's fishing regulations and obtain the necessary licenses before heading out to ensure a responsible and enjoyable fishing experience.

There are many great places to fish in The Badger State. There are over 15,000 lakes in the state, and the majority provide good fishing opportunities. The fishable waters are populated by one or more of the 160 species that thrive in the state. Note: although they provide excellent fishing for many species, we are omitting Lake Michigan and Lake Superior from consideration here, due to their size and complexity.

Wisconsin's Top-Five, Amazing Fishing Spots

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Most Popular Fish Species In Wisconsin

Two species of bass, four species of trout, two species of catfish, walleye, both species of crappie, and a host of other popular species are available to fishing enthusiasts across the state. Choose your favorite species, then choose one of these best places to fish for them. Learn more...

Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin

Big largemouths and hefty smallmouth both thrive in many of the fisheries in the state. The state record largemouth tops 11 pounds, and the record smallie tops 9 pounds. If you are looking for numbers, both species are abundant in many of the area lakes. Learn more...

Top Places To Fish For Trout In Wisconsin

Many would say that the best trout fishing in the state is to be found in rivers and streams. We would not contest that opinion, but we only cover lakes here. These may be three of the best places to fish for trout in Wisconsin's' major lakes. Learn more...

Best Lakes To Fish For Catfish In Wisconsin

Catfish love river systems, and there are several good ones in MI. When they flow into major lakes, anglers get the benefit of lake fishing along with the big catfish that visit from the river. Channel and flathead catfish are here for the taking, and are fun to catch. Learn more...

Best Walleye Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin

Choosing the best place to fish for walleye in Wisconsin is tricky. Size and numbers are both considerations, and often the walleye fishing can vary one year to the next at a given lake. These three are proven destinations for good walleye fishing over time. Learn more...

Top Places To Fish For Crappie In Wisconsin

Both white and black crappie are stocked or native to the vast majority of major fisheries in the state. Plenty of these slabs can exceed three or four pounds under ideal conditions. These three lakes have a good track record for delivering quality crappie fishing. Ice fishing for crappie is popular at many statewide lakes during winter. Learn more...

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Best places to go fishing in Wisconsin.