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Best Places To Fish in Maine

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By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Maine offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities for anglers seeking both freshwater and saltwater experiences. The purpose of this page is to share basic information about the best fishing opportunities in the state, for a variety of fish species. One of the best places to fish in Maine is Moosehead Lake, the state's largest freshwater lake. This scenic destination provides excellent angling for popular species such as landlocked salmon, lake trout (togue), brook trout, and smallmouth bass. The best time to fish at Moosehead Lake is during the spring and fall when the water temperatures are ideal for these cold-water species.

Another top fishing location in Maine is the Penobscot River, known for its world-class smallmouth bass fishery. Anglers can enjoy exciting bass action throughout the summer and early fall, using various lures and techniques. The Penobscot River also offers opportunities to catch Atlantic salmon during their annual spring and fall migrations.

For those looking to fish in saltwater, the waters off the coast of Maine are teeming with popular species such as striped bass, bluefish, mackerel, and flounder. The summer months are the best time to target these species, as they are most abundant and active during this season. Fishing charters and local guides can provide an excellent way to explore the coastal waters and increase your chances of landing a prized catch.

Baxter State Park, located in northern Maine, offers unparalleled fly fishing opportunities for brook trout in its pristine lakes and streams. The park's remote and unspoiled wilderness provides a serene and unforgettable fishing experience for anglers seeking solitude and a chance to connect with nature.

Overall, Maine's diverse fishing opportunities, stunning natural beauty, and abundant fish populations make it a prime destination for anglers of all levels. Whether fishing in the state's vast lakes, rivers, or coastal waters, Maine promises unforgettable experiences and the chance to reel in some remarkable catches.

There are many great places to fish in The Pine Tree State. The cold, clean water of Maine is home to some pretty awesome fishing. This website covers fishing at major, fresh-water lakes in the state. The lists below represent the best places to fish among the lakes we cover.

Maine's Top-Five, Amazing Fishing Spots

There is excellent fishing all over the state, but these three lakes made the top five list due to long-standing reputations for fishing. They represent a nice variety of species and provide year-round fishing. Learn more...

Most Popular Fish Species In Maine

Fishing enthusiasts have the opportunity to fish for two species of bass, channel catfish, four species of trout, landlocked salmon, bluegill, two species of perch, sunfish and multiple other species in picturesque Maine waters. Learn more...

Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Maine

Largemouth and smallmouth bass both swim in fisheries here. The state record largemouth is over 11 pounds, and the record smallie is over 8 pounds.One, or both, of these species are found in about half of the major lakes in the state. These three are among the best places to fish for bass in Maine. Learn more...

Top Places To Fish For Trout In Maine

Even though we only cover major lakes in the state, we are profoundly aware of some great trout fishing in rivers and streams. Among the major lakes these are a great place to catch trout in Maine. Learn more...

Best Lakes To Fish For Salmon In Maine

Landlocked (Atlantic) salmon can be caught at several lakes in the state. The state record is over 22 pounds, so they grow big here. And, there are plenty of good-eating size fish to be caught as well. Learn more...

Top Places To Fish For Crappie In Maine

Summer, spring, winter, fall - any time of year is a good time to catch (and eat) crappie. Black crappie are a popular ice-fishing species, and fun for all ages and skill levels. These three lakes are a great place to wet your line in search of these tasty fish. Learn more...

Best Sunfish Fishing Lakes In Maine

Either bluegill, white perch or yellow perch are found in most fisheries across the state. Many lakes have more than one of these species. They are fun to catch and make a great fish fry. These are three really good sunfish lakes, but the best place to catch sunfish in Maine may be the fishery most convenient to you. Learn more...

Enjoy these top spots to go fishing in Maine

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