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By Rick Seaman

Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought fish as a food source. To most, catching fish was simply a means to an for the family. To some, the pursuit was the awakening of an instinct that drew them to the water in search of the thrill of the "tap, tap" - something only a true fisherman really understands. Visit the Bass Knowledge Center.

Fishing Lakes

Fishing Lakes By State

Find lakes by state with details about species, camping and more. Each lake has a dedicated page with in-depth detail about the lake.Find lakes by state with details about species, camping and more.
Fish Species by State

Local Fish Species

Find where your favorite species thrive and how to catch them. Includes a complete list of species for each major lake, by state.Find where your favorite species thrive and how to catch them.
Pick A State for Fishing

Info By State

Find information about major lakes in the state. Categories include lakes, species, videos, maps, clubs and more.Find information about major lakes in the state.
Misc Fishing Information

Misc Information

Resources for everything from guides, videos, reports, places to fish, kids opportunities, organizations, maps and more.Resources for everything from guides, videos and more.

This website is dedicated to those kindred spirits who have an in-born desire to fish, and seek knowledge about the science and sport.

Bass. Learn how to locate and catch largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, redeye and shoal bass.

Catfish. Find ways to catch big blue, white, channel and flathead catfish.

Crappie Fishing
Crappie. Learn tips for locating black and white crappies - plus tricks for catching them.

Walleye fishing
Walleye. Look into the world of these toothy critters. This tasty fish is found in cool, clear water.

Panfish fishing
Panfish. Learn to catch bluegill, warmouths, redears, fliers, perch, white bass and other sunfish.

Trout fishing
Trout. Locate and catch rainbow, brown, cutthroat, brook and lake trout.

Salmon fishing
Salmon. Atlantic, coho, chum, chinook, pink and sockeye salmon reside in both salt and fresh water.

Striped bass fishing
Striped bass. Stripers grow to over 60 pounds and often migrate in large schools.

Steelhead fishing
Steelhead. Steelhead are rainbow trout that venture from fresh water into the ocean.

Fishing for other species
Other species. Muskie, northern pike, sturgeon, gar and other species are listed by state.

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Locating Information

The information in this site is organized by subject, state and species. From this home page you can access a general overview page for each state with links to categories of information. Access specific species information at the top of this page. Locate information by subject using the upper portion of navigation. Access the home page for each state using the state navigation below. The videos section offers a selection of topics with videos covering a variety of species and tactics. We offer an excellent book about fishing for bass which shares years of experience to benefit new and experienced bass anglers alike.

The home page for each state offers links to state-specific information both by subject and by species. Also listed are the major angling waters located in the state and connections to other information specifically relevant to that state.

Topic-specific pages within a given state will offer connections to other state pages offering additional information on that subject. If you visit the Arizona bass fishing page page, it will contain links to all other Arizona pages, as well as links to bass pages for all other states.

Lures, fish finders and GPS navigation information is available through the navigation on the main menu pages. Also find information about taking kids fishing and local urban lakes, listed by state.

There are ten major lakes in Mexico commonly fished by Americans in the central and northern regions of Mexico. If you have an interest in catching big bass in Mexico, please visit the Mexico bass lakes map page.

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